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Who Are We

The Trinidad and Tobago Emergency Medicine Association is a professional body representing Emergency Physicians, Nurses, Prehospital Providers and other Allied Health Workers who practice in the Emergency and Prehospital setting.
Emergency Medicine is the practice of medicine involving the diagnosis and treatment of any patient requiring unscheduled, episodic care with an acute injury or illness. The mandate of Emergency Medicine is to limit morbidity and mortality in these patients. The practice of Emergency Medicine spans from pre-hospital care to inpatient care in disciplines closely related to Emergency Medicine.

What We Do

TTEMA’s main function is to promote the welfare of Emergency Medicine in Trinidad and Tobago, and ensure high quality Emergency Care to all our patients and clients. We aim to achieve this through advocating for our stakeholders (including patients and healthcare professionals) and addressing issues pertinent to Emergency Medicine in the country. We also provide a forum for continuing medical education and promote networking opportunities with like-minded groups both regionally and internationally.

Our Mission

To promote the general welfare of Emergency Medicine in Trinidad and Tobago, and to improve the quality of emergency patient care.

To represent and address the issues and concerns of the membership.

To collect information and provide a forum for open, uncensored and meaningful communication concerning quality practice of Emergency Medicine in Trinidad and Tobago.

To provide a forum for continuing education of all practitioners of Emergency Medicine in Trinidad and Tobago, and offer opportunities for updating and re-certification of skills and knowledge in Emergency Medicine.

To promote freedom from discrimination in the practice of Emergency Medicine in Trinidad and Tobago.

To collaborate with all like-minded groups both regionally and internationally, where deemed appropriate, to advance the practice of Emergency Medicine.

Our Story

The idea of a professional organization representing doctors working in the Emergency Departments of Trinidad and Tobago originated with Dr. Stephen Ramroop in 2000. Dr. Ramroop was the then head of the Emergency Department at San Fernando General Hospital. Initially this organization was called the ‘TTAEPS’ (The Trinidad and Tobago Association of Emergency Physicians and Surgeons). Under this title, the organization held its first conference in 2000. In 2002, Dr. Ian Sammy was appointed the President of the TTAEPS, and over the next few years, the organization continued to actively promote collaboration between doctors and nurses working in Emergency Departments and pre-hospital providers, particularly in the form of continuing professional development, which consisted of monthly CPD sessions with lectures from subject matter experts. In addition, the TTAEPS held two more conferences over the years as well as events for the public aimed at educating the population on dealing with common emergency conditions.
After a period of relative quiet between 2010 and 2017, the organization was rejuvenated under the guidance of Dr. Robin Sinanan (Specialist Medical Officer at San Fernando General Hospital). This included a re-imagining of the role and scope of the organization, with a formal acceptance into the fold of Emergency Nurses and Pre-Hospital Providers (EMTs and paraedics). The organization was renamed the “Trinidad and Tobago Emergency Medicine Association” (TTEMA) in recognition of this wider remit and membership. The first conference of the TTEMA was held in December 2018. It was a great success, bringing together our like-minded professionals in an atmosphere of learning and fun. Since then we have continued to support our members through advocacy, representation and social events. We look forward to continuing growth and development in the coming years.

Regional Partners

Tobago Regional Health Authority TRHA

North Central Regional Health Authority NCRHA

Southwest Regional Health Authority SWRHA

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