TTEMA Revamps Website

New TTEMA Website

TTEMA’s old website was not able to show the true nature of what was TTEMA was all about, in addition to not being fully completed. Therefore, we have decided to rebuild our website from the ground up through an external company called MIllennialMarq Services.

The new TTEMA site presents you with a more compact view of the news agenda as it changes in addition to our events both upcoming and past. The new design will also give you a more visual representation of the important information and links provided by TTEMA whether it is news, media, links, our social media and our contact information.

Our videos, photo galleries and interactive links are now more seamlessly integrated into what we publish, instead of having them as separate areas of the site or not on the website at all and we will be updating our website more often to keep our members as up to date as possible.

We will also be incorporating new sections EXCLUSIVE to top level members in our website, all COMING SOON!

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